We wish all the pets a wonderful happy birthday

Why do we celebrate our birthdays and not our pets’ birthdays? Don’t our furry friends deserve to have a special day once a year like us?
We are going to show you the most valuable tips to be able to organize a crazy party with your friends in the park. Surely our pet will be super proud to have the best owners in the world. He will become the envy of the neighborhood!

 The first indispensable element to organize a birthday party is to buy or bake a birthday cake. You can choose the easy option of ordering a cake from a specialized pet store over the internet or if you consider yourself a modern chef you can find the best recipes on a specialized cake website.

 Everyone knows there’s no birthday party without a birthday hat. A birthday hat is a lovely way to identify a dog’s birthday. However, if your dog doesn’t like hats, or if the rest of the attendees are already wearing them, try a tie, bow tie, dog costume or a nice princess style fancy dog collar, check out Fancy accessories. It won’t go unnoticed and you’ll be able to take some hilarious pictures.

 If there are no guests, it won’t be a party! Share your dog’s special day with all his friends. If the weather is good, you can celebrate his birthday outdoors. If you have a swimming pool, it’s warm and your dog can cool down at any time, but make sure you have enough fancy water bowls for all your pet’s four-legged friends. Pro tip: Don’t forget special invitations for your canine guests – it’ll be a real “doggie party”!

 Decorate your home with a theme, it will make it easier for you to decorate. You will surely take pictures, so a photo booth is an original idea for your dog’s celebration. You’ll have a photo you’ll want to remember forever. Remember to buy the best toys so they can play and socialize with their friends.

One of the things to keep in mind is to prevent our dog from the infectious diseases that can be transmitted by his best friends. It is essential that our dog is internally dewormed to prevent intestinal worms and also externally dewormed to repel fleas and ticks. In our Skin and Care section you will find the latest flea collars and de-worming tablets.

 And last but not least. Buy your pet a gift, or 1000, it’ll be the best day of his life! Don’t skimp on gifts. At My pet birthday we offer you the widest variety of ideas to surprise your furry friend on his birthday. Give your pet the love he  deserves on his special day!

Happy birthday!

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Give your dog the dog cake of his dreams!