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Discover the best cages for your bird

Choosing a house for us is not an easy task, we are aware that the decision we make will directly affect our quality of life. In the same way, choosing a cage for our birds is one of the most important decisions for them. To achieve the perfect cage we must take into account the following factors

➭ Size. The bigger the cage for our bird, the more comfort we can provide. Parrot cages should be at least 60 x 90 x 120 cm or larger.  Cages for macaws should measure at least 90 x 120 x 150cm. The ideal cage for lovebirds should measure  at least 60 x 150 cm. The cages suitable for parakeets should be at least 45 x 45 x 60 cm.

➭ Shape. The shape of the cage is very important as square or rectangular shapes provide a greater sense of space and comfort. On the other hand, cages with oval shapes tend to limit space and can even cause mental disorders such as stress or anxiety. For example, the best cages for lovebirds should be square. This is very important because the lovebirds need to see corners. If they don’t see them, they will get stressed out and you will see your lovebird upset or stressed out often.

➭ Bars distance. The distance between the bars will depend on the size of our pet. We will avoid accidents by choosing the perfect separation. The spacing of the bars for the macaws should be between 2.5 and 3.8 cm. The bars of the parrot cage should be between 1.9 and 3.5 cm apart and encourage climbing. This is why the horizontal bars are better.

➭ Location. As we all know, parrots are very intelligent animals who can create vital links with us. That is why we must encourage socialization with them by placing them in the room of the house where we spend most of our time. We’ll try to avoid the kitchen because of the risk of intoxication.

➭ Material. Another important detail is that the cage of your bird must be made of a resistant and antioxidant material. Many birds base their diet on fruit, or need to take regular baths. If the cage gets rusty from exposure to water or acid from the fruit, your birds could be affected. 

Your bird’s happiness will have an effect on yours as well. Don’t skimp on resources when it comes to providing the best space for them to live together.

The best large cages for parrots and birds

Both parrots and macaws are animals that require a lot of protection. They cannot acclimatize to cold nights or evening rains without adequate protection and shelter. That is why it is important that in addition to a generous roof, they have a sleeping compartment. An ideal cage is between 8 and 10 times the size of the bird. The right choice of your cage is essential if you want to have a healthy and happy bird . To choose among the best bird cages , focus on the requirements and habits of the bird you are going to acquire. A good choice can save you a lot of vet bills. 

PREVUE HENDRYX.  A larger version of our best-selling F040 flight cage. The perfect home for multiple parakeets, f-Inch or canaries. Four plastic cups and three solid wood perches included. Non-toxic and pet safe powder-coated steel mesh with plastic tray. Pull out bottom grille and tray, plus shelf for additional storage. 37-Inch long, 23-inch wide and 60-inch with 1/2-inch wire spacing. The outer carton of the product reads Large but it is actually X- Large.


PREVUE HENDRYX. Item may ship in more than one box and may arrive separately. Wrought iron select cages offer quality craftsmanship at an affordable price. 4 Stainless steel cups, 2 wood perches, cage stand, playtop and rounded seed guards are included. Heavy-duty push button door lock keeps your bird secure. Durable wrought iron construction enhanced by a non-toxic powder-coated finish. 36-Inch long, 24-inch wide, 66-inch high with 3/4-inch wire spacing.


A&E CAGE. Technical Details • Exterior Dimensions: 32″x21″x61″ • Interior Height: 31″ • Bar Spacing: 1/2″. Product Features • Bird proof front door & feeder door locks • Horizontal side bars, vertical bars front & back. Front door safety latch • 4 swing out feeder doors. 4 stainless steel feeder cups and 2 perches. Large front doors for easy access.  Slide-out grill & tray for easy cleaning. Non-toxic, durable and safe powder coated finish.

PREVUE PET PRODUCTS. Innovative, stackable breeder cage with divider on stand. Ideal for multiples of small birds such as canaries, finch and parakeets. Quality wrought iron construction with convenient features. Four perches and four plastic cups are included. Measures 37 1/2″ Long, 18″ Wide and 40 1/4″ High with 1/2″ wire spacing.

SUPER DEAL. This bird cage has 2 perches that the birds can sit on and play. It has a flat top with grills all around to provide safety. It has four food cups to store food and water. There is a removable pull-out tray to collect wastages.

PREVUE PET PRODUCTS. Powder-coated steel construction with roomy dometop area. Integrated exterior playstand, area with perch, ladder, toy/treat hooks, cup holders and playstand access door. Large main front access door; inset door opens down (landing-style); full door swings out (traditional). Alternate access door under playstand opens landing-style. Double locks on doors provides extra security for birds.

PREVUE PET PRODUCTS.  Technical Details • Exterior Dimensions: 32″x21″x61″. Interior Height: 31″. Bar Spacing: 1/2″. Product Features • Bird proof front door & feeder door locks. Horizontal side bars, vertical bars front & back.  Front door safety latch. 4 swing out feeder doors. 4 stainless steel feeder cups and 2 perches. Large front doors for easy access.  Slide-out grill & tray for easy cleaning. Non-toxic, durable and safe powder coated finish.

VIVOHOME. Designed with two doorways for your pet birds to enter and exit; The top of the cage opens up and can be propped open with a wooden crossbeam for your birds to stand on; Traditional doors are located on the side of the cage; Cage comes with 4 swivel-caster wheels. SLIDE-OUT TRAY – Equipped with a plastic tray at the bottom of this bird cage that can be removed for easy cleaning.

YAHEETECHYaheetech rolling parrot cage is built in metal construction coated with non-toxic powered finish.  Special triple-A roofing design not only gives your beloved birds a beautiful and sweet home, but also can be an elegant decoration for your house. The extra storage shelf on the stand can hold your pets’ accessories and feed, keeping them handy and neat. Thanks to the 2 feeder doors, feeders are accessible without opening the main door so that you can remove the feeders and replenish the feed from the outside and don’t need to risk your bird escaping. 

Discover the best medium cages for your birds

The birds make our days happy with their morning songs and their unparalleled beauty. To achieve this they must be comfortable and in a suitable environment. It depends on the type of cage you choose for your bird will make the difference between a bird sad or happy. Although it depends on the species, the larger your living space, the more freedom you have to move around and stretch your wings. It is best to have enough resources to make the space spacious and comfortable.

PREVUE PET PRODUCTS. All Stainless Steel Construction. Unique Foot Friendly Carved Perch. Decorated porcelain food and water cups. Grille Is Removable But May Remain In Place While Base Is Snapped Off For Easy Cleaning. Cage Measures 15 1/2″ In Diameter And 21″ High 30 1/2″ High To The Top Of The Finial, With 1/2″ Wire Spacing.

PREVUE HENDRYX. Decorative, vintage inspired design. Lots of living space for your cockatiel or other small-medium sized bird. 2 Hooded, plastic cups and 2 plastic perches are included. Bottom grille and drawer slide out for convenient cleaning. 18-Inch long, 18-inch wide, 25-inch high with 5/8-inch wire spacing.

PREVUE PET PRODUCTS. Prevue Pet Products Lincoln bird cage is a unibody cage construction and a baked enamel finish. Clear plastic seed guards slip into integrated corner brackets to help contain mess. Perfect your small to medium sized bird, The Lincoln features a landing style front access door and includes 3 cups, 2 perches and a swing. Grille and tray are removable for ease of cleaning. Proudly made in the USA.

PREVUE HENDRYX. Prevue pet products madison bird cage comes completely assembled with all-welded, unibody cage construction. Perfect for your parakeet, cockatiel or conure the madison features a large landing-style front door and includes two cups plus two perches. Grille and tray are removable for ease of cleaning and each cage features an elegant and durable powder-coated finish. Proudly made in the USA.

FYNIGO. Unique design, unique appearance, bright colors, simulated mouse fur design, once touch the mouse, it will rotate in the track,it’s so funny that your cat will catch it again and again. Your cat will love it! A great interactive cat toys for indoor cats not only can play but also for health care and eliminating boredom, the top scratching pad can keep your cat’s claws healthy and also can keep your furniture from destroyed. 

PREVUE HENDRYX.Plenty of space for your small parrot to play. Large landing style front door. Removable bottom grille and pull-out tray for ease of cleaning. 3 heavy duty plastic cups and 2 perches are included. 25-Inch Long, 21-Inch Wide, 29 1/2-Inch High with 3/4-Inch wire spacing.

The best bird travel carrier 

Do you plan to travel with your pet? Do you have to take your bird to the vet? Are you moving to a new country for work purposes and have to transport your birds with you? Are you looking for a suitable size kennel for your pet to travel in the most comfortable way possible? We offer you a selection of the best bird carriers for your pet to travel in first class. WE WISH YOU A HAPPY JOURNEY!

PREVUE PET PRODUCTS. Ideal for short term use, traveling or emergency situations. Sturdy and lighter than other travel cages. Innovative welded bracket seat belt collars for automotive travel safety. Solid cup doors prevent spilling while the lock-in-place cups won’t be dislodged by your bird. 18 3/4’’ Long, 14 7/8’’ Wide and 18’’ High (25” High to top of play top) with 1/2” wire spacing.

A4PET. Panoramic skylight design offers better visibility,reducing the bird’s stress level and giving you a good view to check on your pet’s well-being.. Lightweight design makes it easy to carry,it can carry it by handle or hang it on your shoulders.. Perfect size suggested for conures, cockatiels, mini macaws, small cockatoos, lories, and other similar size parrots.. Top holes and meshes offer better ventilation,with solid wood perch and bottom tray.

X-ZONE PET. Lightweight design makes it easy to carry, it can carry it by handle or hang it on your shoulders. Unique shading design to protect your pet from the sun. Offers wider field of vision, reducing the pet bird’s stress level and giving you a good view to check on your pet’s well-being. Suggested for Conures, Cockatiels, Quakers, Caciques, Mini Macaws, small Cockatoos, Lories, and other similar size parrots. Anti-grab mesh design and vents ensure adequate airflow for a non-stuffy outing. Double zipper design, quick assembly/disassembly, with solid wood perch and bottom tray, easy to clean or fold when not in use.

BENZHI. Portable & Lightweight:Our birds bag weighs only 850g and 16*9*11in,it can be easily hung on your shoulder or held in your hand.It’s very convenient for daily use.The most fashionable cage for taking your bird to the vet or other places. Unique Panoramic Design: Panoramic design reduces the pet bird’s stress level and giving you a good view to check on your pet’s well-being. Ventilated: The birds carrier travel cage has ventilation slots in 4 directions front and rear anti-grab mesh design and vents ensure adequate airflow, not sultry out.

COLORDAY. LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE: Weighing only 0.85 kg, it lets you easily sling it on your shoulder or by its handle. The most fashionable cage for taking your bird to the vet or other places. PANORAMIC SUNROOF DESIGN offers wider field of vision, reducing the pet bird’s stress level and giving you a good view to check on your pet’s well-being. 4-SIDED VENTILATION SLOTS: Front and rear anti-grab mesh design and vents ensure adequate airflow for a non-stuffy outing. 16 x 9 x 11″ , Suggested for Conures, Cockatiels, Quakers, Caciques, Mini Macaws, small Cockatoos, Lories, and other similar size parrots.

PREVUE PET PRODUCTS. Prevue Pet Products Travel Cage for Birds and Small Animals Green SP1304GREEN is a compact carrying cage for your small bird or small animal. Ideal for temporary use when traveling brief distances with your pet, included perch is designed for small birds and can be removed for transporting small animals such as hamsters or gerbils. Large top opening door is large enough to fit your hand in the cage and turquoise clips secure the wire mesh to the plastic base. With a convenient carrying handle, this Travel Cage measures 9″ Long, 5 5/8″ Wide and 6 1/8″ High with 3/8″ wire spacing. Base alone is 2 7/8″ deep.

MIDWEST. State-of-the-art bird cage provides classy, safe traveling accommodation. Easy “no nuts and bolts” assembly. Includes perch, 2 stainless steel food cups, and birdproof door lock. Cotton rope perch inside and wooden handle perch outside. Beautiful jewel-toned textured platinum finish. State-of-the-art bird cage provides classy, safe traveling accommodations. Beautiful jewel-toned textured platinum finish.

PREVUE PET PRODUCTS.  Ideal for short term use, traveling or emergency situations. Breathable wire mesh window screens for circulation and comfort. Removable interior floor covering. Integrated carrying handle plus detachable shoulder strap with pad for hands-free carrying. 13 ¼’’ Long, 9 7/8’’ Wide and 18 ½’’ High.

HALINFER . See-throughing & eye-catching: Space capsule bubble bird backpack, pet safe transparent hard shell protects your bird healthy under dust, pollen and flu. Free up your hands: This bird carrier is portable by the top soft handle, also backpacking by the padded double-strap with secured chest buckle for outdoor. Backpack dimension is 10.5*11.5*16 inches, please measure your bird before purchase. Entire bird backpack is 3 lbs only, adjustable shoulder straps to acommodate kids to adult height, all gender fit bird carrier backpack.. 

Wraping up

If you would like to know more about best toys for birds and parrots we suggest you to visit our Toys Page where you will find our selection of best items to entertain your pet.