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Discover the best toys for your birds and parrots

Parrots are very active animals and need to exercise every day and face mental challenges to be positively stimulated. In nature, parrots are gregarious animals with very complex relationships with their fellow creatures. They spend their days playing, communicating, feeding and creating new bonds.

The importance of parrot toys, the lack of physical activity, new challenges, lack of empathy can produce health problems in the animal, such as discomfort, weakness, stress, frustration or boredom. For this reason it is crucial that they have toys for the correct health of the parrot.Parrots usually destroy all their toys as a game, so you have to take into account that they will be short-lived and have to be renewed continuously.

At Mypetbitrhday we always say that if your toy does not break in two or three months is that it is not good toy because your parrot does not like! so we always advise you to buy cheap toys and go changing them every two or three months.

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PREVUE HENDRYX. Naturals toys are handmade from 100-percent natural, sustainable, materials. Your bird will benefit from hours of mental stimulation and rugged physical play. A variety of natural textures encourages foot exercise. Connects to cage easily with quick-link attachment.


PREVUE HENDRYX. Rat pack jumbo catnip toy is fun to kick and wrestle. It is so irresistible your cat will never want to let it out of his paws. Realistic size and shape triggers an instinctive response in cats. Incite a happy riot among the feline members of your household who will tackle the toy into submission over and over again.


WESCO STORE.  Made from eco-friendly Yucca wood; Appeals to all parrots’ natural instincts; Helps prevent feather picking and boredom; 100% biodegradable; 4 Pack Original (6.75″ Long x 2″ Wide) for more chew time.

best bird toys

KINTOR. Bird Nest Snuggle Hut has foam bottom material,which gives better support and also can be taken out for more easy clean and dry. The Kintor nest bird has an open design, which can makes your parrot to get in and out easily. It is made from one peice cloth and there is no thread in the both sides, which is totally safe to your little pet which playing. This bird snuggle use nontoxic stainles steel clip, which is durable and anti-bite. Kintor bird snuggle hut is made of cute high-density canvas outside and warm fleece material inside.

SUPERBIRDS. If there’s one thing birds love, that is exploring. Hanging and hidden bright-colored objects naturally attract their attention and curiosity. Placed in a series of levels This foraging wall toy will trigger their instinct to shred, bite, and chew. This toy can provide a pleasurable experience for your pet bird and will boost their physical and mental health through play and exercise. super bird creations designed this fun and stimulating sea grass foraging wall toy for large size birds: a fun woven sea grass wall to be hung inside your Parrots cage to encourage moving and exploration in a playful environment.

SWEET FEET AND BEAK.  Keep your bird comfy and happy, this Superoost Manzanita perch provides the comfort, grip of a natural wood perch, along with 100% cosmetic grade patented Pumice to serve as a nail grinder and bird beak trim toy. No two perches will be the same. A mus have for bird owners – manzanita wood branch contoured perches for bird cages with smooth and rough surfaces to provide a safe grip that conditions and massages your bird’s feet, promoting healthy feet and leg muscle stimulation too.

WESCO. Bird Kabobs are the ultimate shreddable bird toys. Made from a soft pithy wood. They are irresistible to all hookbill birds from parakeets to macaws. They satisfy the instinctual need of these birds to chew. They have been described as bird catnip. Recommended by veterinarians for for birds with feather picking problems. Legendary among bird lovers worldwide. You’ll be amazed at the site of your bird enjoying the bird Kabob. These are truly the most sensational bird toys ever made.

BWOGE. This colorful toy it is safe to chew, the wooden blocks chew toys are made from 100% natual wood and the colorful rope, and all of them are dyed by edible pigments. Unique design: this super big bird toys is made of multicolored heavey nature wood and completed with purely handmade which are very bite resistant and durable. Necessary toys:When birds are in the wild, they can play with other birds or exercise in trees.When the birds are indoors,the bird toy provide essential physical activity so that our intelligent feathered pets stay healthy.

DELOKEY. Delokey Large Parrot Chewing Toy Best for African Grey Cockatoos, and a Variety of Amazon Parrots.Made of natual wood and dyed by edible multi-colored pigments.It is safe to chew : The wooden blocks chew toys are made from 100% natual wood and dyed by edible pigments. It is totally handmade, therefore safe for the pets and will not harm them. It has an unique design: this super big bird toys is made of multicolored heavey nature wood and completed with purely handmade which are very bite resistant and durable.

KEERSI. Suitable for medium large birds. Give your bird fun and have hours of fun watching them play. The big chunks of wood means your bird can have chewing fun. A lovely toy designed for your little friends to chew, easy install in the cage.
Made of natural wood, it is safe for bird. Novel design, unique, very resistant to bite.

KINTOR.Perfect size for large and medium parrot, suggested for Macaws Cokatoos, African grey and a variety of Amazon Parrots. Made with 100% pet safe materials. Kintor bird toys is made of food grade color and nature wood, completed with purely handmade which are more bite resistant and durable. This unique parrot toy has several distinctive shapes and wooden beads with vibrant colors which connected with the metal chain,and also multiple layers encourage parrot to climb and explore.

RYPET. When birds are in the wild, they can play with other birds or exercise in trees. When the birds are indoors, the bird toy provide essential physical activity so that our feathered friends stay healthy. Suitable for all small to medium birds. Fits most cages, steel hook connects to cage easily. Made of food grade color and nature wood, all of them are dyed by edible pigments, and completed with pure handmade which are more bite resistand and durable.

Wraping up

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