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Should dogs wear clothes or not? You may have heard that dogs don’t need to wear clothes to get dressed because they have a coat that protects them from the cold and because in nature they never get warm and yet they don’t seem to have any problems. This statement, while true, does not apply to many of our domestic dogs.

Think that houses are usually intensely heated to keep them warm even on the coldest winter days. When your dog is lying quietly on the carpet and you decide to take him for a walk, the sudden change in temperature can be very aggressive for him. This is especially true for small dogs. They have a larger body surface area in proportion to their weight than larger dogs, which means they lose heat more quickly and need to be kept warm. There are also small, very robust dogs, such as some terriers, which probably do not need to be sheltered while they are young. Each of us knows if our dog is cold or not. Any dog that seeks to lie down near the stove or that stays covered when you put a blanket on it will surely enjoy a coat to go outside. Even on cool autumn nights he could do with a sweatshirt to keep him warm. Older dogs and puppies should also be protected from the weather, because they are less resistant to sudden changes. Older dogs usually suffer from osteoarthritis, their muscles are weaker, their defence systems are no longer as efficient and very intense cold can make them weak or ill.

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Discover the best summer clothes for your cat

Cat clothing can be a must for small animals in very cold weather, as not all breeds live in their habitat and some may have a hard time in the winter. In that sense it is a great help for the cat and for the owner, who sees his friend warm and happy when he goes for a walk.

During the different times of the year there are various changes in temperature that can affect the animal’s habitual shedding of hair. Cats tend to have more delicate skin at these times of year, so it is beneficial to have a sweater to protect your cat from injuries caused by cold, sun, rain or any chafing. Also, do not fill the house with hair, because it can fall in abundance.

Continuing with the advantages of clothes for cats, it is necessary to warn that it protects from the cold only certain small breeds, of thin complexion, of very short and fine hair, old or sick pets. For the rest of the animals it is not necessary to harass them with clothes that can be very annoying.

For the more unruly ones it is a good way to avoid scratches, scrapes or blows, as well as possible infection of the wounds, since the clothing protects from parasites, allergens and bacteria that can appear in parks, streets or the air itself. Even so, it would be good to make sure of the quality of the clothes that are destined to dress our cats.

KITIPCOO. These shirts are thick and double-layered. They are made for winter or other cold weather (if it gets really cold, another warm coat is required). It also keeps the cats clean and protects them from damage.

KITIPCOO. Cats Recovery Suit is mainly used for: Disinfection Care, Postoperative Sputum prevention, and keeping warm after shaving which is also applied for dogs and other pets.This Recovery Suits helps the wound heal safely and prevent infection and wound tearing. It can also help weaning baby kittens from their mom.

KITIPCOO. Sphynx Hairless Cats do not have hair, so their skin is very Sensitive and Vulnerable. Kitipcoo made Pet shirts especially for the Hairless, which are made of Soft and Anti-Allergy Cotton. Perfect for Sphynx Cat, Devon Rex Cat, Cornish Rex Cat and Peterbald Cat. Now Then Your Pets won’t get Allergic any more.

LOLLIMEOW. Fashionable printing, making your cat looks stylish, cool and pretty. Enjoy the pet clothes for party and photos. Made of soft natural cotton, keep your puppy warm and comfortable. Exquisite workmanship gurantees it long term use.

DOTON. Cats Recovery Suit is mainly used for: disinfection care, postoperative sputum prevention, and keeping warm after shaving which is also applied for dogs and other pets.

MARUPET. Soft material fits for all seasons, spring and autumnkeep warm, summer protect puppy not getting cold, winter anti wind. Sun protection fabric let your dog feel nothing wear but do protect them.

Discover the best winter clothes for your cat

To begin with, we must clarify that animals – in this specific case dogs and cats– have a body temperature much higher than ours, around 38 degrees approximately, depending on the complexion, the breed and the hair of each one. In addition, they have hair, which is one of the factors to take into account, since the genetic evolution of each cat has been adapting to the needs of each breed -a Persian is not the same as a Main coon or a Sphynx, each one lives in a specific area and climate and they had a unique service-.

It is for this reason that many of our faithful friends do not really need a specific outfit to be the most modern on the street. Neither is it advisable to force the animal to wear something that it does not want, because most of the time it is uncomfortable and does not allow a totally free movement, as well as the little habit that they may have…

So, first of all, we will have to observe if our pet wants or not to start wearing clothes. Nobody should despair if your animal does not like or is bothered by it, because nobody can force it to wear anything it does not want, and even less so if this type of clothing is uncomfortable or gives allergic reactions.

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BOLBOVE. Made of Acrylic Fabric to keep your pet warm. Package included: 1*Pet Sweater + 1*Bolbove Silver Keychain. Made for Cats, Puppies and Small Sized Dogs.

EVURSUA. Suit for spring,fall and winter season: start your dog’s cold weather fashion time with this nice pet sweater! This cutie piece features turtleneck collar, regular sleeve and stripe patterns. Every male and female pooch would look fantastic in this sweater!

EXPAWLORER. Soft Pet Sweater: Made of soft fabric, very soft and won’t hurt your dog’s skin. Classic Design: Classic cardigan design with rib Knit edging, never out of fashion.

MIHACHI. Use soft fabric, comfortable and elastic, do not irritate the skin, very light and warm after wearing.

PET ARTIST. Comfortable & Warm Material:The dog pajama made of soft fleece,keep little pet comfortable and warm during the cold winter.

Wraping up

Since we’ve have selected some of the best summer clothes, winter clothes and pajamas for dogs currently on the market, we’d like to recommend that you take a look at the Fancy Accessories page, where you’ll find the best recommendations of accessories to keep you dog on the on the cutting edge of fashion!