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Discover the best walking accessories for your cat

I’m sure you’ve wondered, can I walk my cat? And the answer is yes but, cats are very particular and not all are predisposed to it. Unlike dogs, walking every day is not a necessity for cats, so it’s up to you to decide if you want to walk your cat or not. In this section you will find various types of collars and walking accessories for your cat.

For cats that are used to going outdoors the collar is a must as it will help others recognise that the cat has an owner. It’s also a good idea to put identification on these cats. The collar will also help distinguish it from other similar cats outdoors and from a distance.

There are also cats that need a lot of space and like to walk, but for their own safety and our peace of mind, we want to accompany them on these outings. For these, harnesses and leashes are the ideal solution, as they hold the cat by the body, do not squeeze it but prevent it from getting lost. It is convenient to adjust them inside the house and make sure that the cat cannot get loose from the harness and get lost. The cat will also have to get used to wearing it and accepting it. Once we are sure, we can walk with the cat calmly. Before leaving the house all these checks should be done, so that the cat is well secured.

Here you will find a large selection of the best walking accessories such as cat leashes, collars, harnesses and backpacks to keep your buddy with you in all your adventures.

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Looking for cat collars? We have selected the best cat collars for you

When it comes to the best accessories for walking, we must start with an essential element, the collar. The cat collar is more than just a fashion accessory or something to make the cat look good. Collars and leashes are essential accessories if you want to walk your cat safely in the street. Whether or not to use cat collars is a somewhat controversial issue among cat lovers, as their use has advantages, but it can also carry certain dangers if you do not choose a suitable one that meets certain safety conditions.

BLUEBERRY PET. Blueberry Pet’s new martingale collar is perfect for everyday wear. Elegant and simple, this collar is made to show off your dog’s unique style all year long. With the heavy duty buckles and D-ring, this durable dog collar is made to last long. Furthermore, it is easy to adjust length to fit your cat’s neck size.

PETSOKOO. This stylish collar comes with adorable bowknot, golden bell and fish bone charm, so unique and different from ordinary collars, which will definitely make your kitty looks so cute. Comfortable and durable, it’s made of sturdy 100% cotton, which means soft, lightweight and hypo-allergenic. Is also easy adjustable.

RED DINGO. It is a classic cat collar with fish safety release clip. It is adjustable for perfect fit. Soft yet durable webbing andsplice-cut finished, which improves pet comfort. Classic and simple is still elegant, with a cute fish and golden bell.

XPANGLE. The cat collar set comes with 3 pieces of different pattern, a great choice for everyday wear or birthday gift 😉 These cute collars are constructed of a single piece of rip-stop nylon, made from ecofriendly plastic.  With a removable silver finish bell. The metal D ring is chrome coated to add durability. They are also easy adjustable.

KOOLTAIL. Elastic soft black velvet collar and crystals to keep your pet shining all the time. It is adjustable from 20 to 27 cm long. Its special design with shiny crystals makes your pets look luxurious. Exclusive for pets with “royal” personality. With a silver bell.
Prepare your cat to receive endless compliments! No doubt one of the best accessories you can give your cat.

AOLOVE. Unique collar made of genuine Cow Leather and heavy duty nickel-plated  D ring. It has 5 adjustment holes for perfect adjustment. Strong and durable high quality genuine leather. Still Fashionable and personalized, your pet will stand out from the crowd. Light weight, looks tough, bright color. Definetly a great choice for your walks.

Discover the best harness and leash combo for your cat

The harness can be a perfect accessory to get out of the house safely, whether you’re taking your cat for a walk around the street or just out in the backyard, a harness gives him the ability to explore him world safely.

Although cats are homemade animals, many love to walk around and enjoy the adventure of that mix of smells, sounds and new things to observe. But, going out on their own they might get scared of something and run for cover and that could make them get lost if they don’t come out in a good harness and leash.

There are many different types of harnesses and they should be chosen with a view to making your cat feel comfortable and at the same time making it difficult for her to get out of them. We have checked out many of cat harnesses in order to find the best, highest-quality and most secure harness at any budget.

RABBITGOO. This comfy kitten harness will snugly fit your feline friend’s body, while still keeping him/her cool with its breathable air mesh. Soft and lightweight, make it suitable even for small kittens. Ideal for daily walking, jogging, training, and any outdoor recreations. Also a perfect comfort harness when you’re taking your kitty to an unfamiliar place, such as the vet or groomer. This escape Proof Cat Harness, it’s adjustable kitty harness features 4 adjusting straps which allow a just-right fit for your flexible cat.

PUPTECK. Stylishly and bright color hand-make fabric makes this cat harness become a adorable and cute no pull pet supplies, your lovely cat will catch everyone’s eyes! Escape Proof Cat Harnesses design will keep your kitty safe. With its light weight and flexible fabric material, this no pulling hand-make harness is like a easy breeze to put on your pet, it will be more easy for your cat to fit this. Enjoy the walk!

SCIROKKO. This adjustable harness with 4 strong buckle which allow a just-right and safe way for your cat, easy to take off the harness for your cat when caught in. Soft and lightweight harness, like a breeze on your cat. Its vest-style design can evenly distribute leash pressure across the chest and shoulder to prevent choking or neck strain, which is much safer and more comfortable than a basic halter or H-style harness. The reflective strips will keep your kitty always visible in dark environments.

GAUTERF. This harness is made of High quality soft mesh, comfortable and breathable. 3M reflective strip design, design makes it visible in low light conditions, which improves safety when walking at night. There are 2 adjustable buckles on the pet harness that can be adjusted according to the size of the cat. Two heavy D rings connect you and your pet when you are in walking, running, jogging or hiking.

SCIROKKO. Cute strap harness in plaid design that suits any girl and boy cats. Classic style dress up them in a lovely look and be the focuse anywhere. Both harness and leash are made of durable webbing, comfortable and long-term for use. Features quick release closure and metal parts, futher adds the security. Additional special leash features a adjustable buckle to meet the flexible needs from 47in to 78in. 

PUPTECK.  The harnesses are made with easy-to-secure Velcro, which makes outfitting your cat simple. it’s a soft mesh material that doesn’t suffocate nor overheat her when hot. Two heavy D rings connect you and your pet when you are in walking, running, jogging or hiking. Strong adjustable buckle for easy wear on and take off for your lovely kitty all the time!

Find the right leash for your cat

Teaching your cat to walk on a lead can bring many benefits to you and your pet. Because in addition to spending more time together and helping you to strengthen your relationship. Your cat will stay healthy and active in body and mind. Find out the best walking accessories below.


Regular leashes

PAWTITAS. Reflective Rope Leash: The Pawtitas reflective strip is 65% polyester and 35% cotton and is designed to reflect ambient light in extreme low light conditions, providing maximum visibility when they needed the most. In order to increase the tensile strength of the product, is constructed of a single piece of rip-stop nylon. The 6 foot length is a perfect balance between freedom and control, which makes it a great accessory for walk your kitty.

COLLAR DIRECT. This waterproof dog leashes combines contemporary design and traditional craftsmanship. It comes in multiple sizes and colors – blue, pink, black, orange, mint green. The leash is made with  carbon plated hardware and high quality nylon webbing with waterproof coating. The leash can be used as a training leash or as an everyday leash. It’s beautiful leash will make any cat look stylish and help it stand out from the crowd. It is easy to clean and comfortable in hand.

JONATHAN ADLER. One leash that does it all chicly with our stylishly speckled motif on one side and solid mint on the other. For use as a belted lead classic lead training lead dual lead or tether. Featuring three D-rings (at both ends and in the middle) and an easy-to-use metal hook to adapt for multiple uses. Measures 6 feet long when used as a classic leash. Find out the sytlish matching collar for total terrazzo look!

Retractable leashes

TUG. Small Leash is Suitable for pets under 35 lbs; Medium for pets under 55 lbs; Large for pets under 110 lbs
16 ft Tape Leash With Easy-Adjust Retraction; Tangle Free 360 Degree Tape Movement.

FIDA. This retractable leash is made of 16ft high strength nylon tape with durable rustproof swivel hook and steady impact-resistant nylon plastic, Top quality Internal Coil Spring make the consistent retraction for several years. 

FLEXI. The 26 feet Flexi tape leash which can be accessorized with the multi box and/or the LED lighting system, for pets up to 110 lbs., as an introduction to the world of custom Retractable leashes.

Discover the best backpack carrier for your cat

If you want to travel with your pet in comfort and safety, we suggest you buy a backpack to transport cats. These helpful accessories are waterproof, breathable and padded to ensure a comfortable ride for your feline friend, especially when you take him to the vet, to the groomer’s or just go out for a walk. They come equipped with adjustable straps and breathable backs to ensure comfort when carrying them. They are also ideal for transporting all kinds of small pets.

Don’t waste any more time searching the internet! Here we offer you the best backpacks to carry your cat.

PETAMI. Designed for the maximum convenience and comfort for you and your pet while hiking, traveling, or taking your best friend to the vet, or going for a walk in the park. Measures approximately 12.5″ x 10.2″ x 16.3″ (L x W x H). Well ventilated design for optimal airflow, two-way entry for easy access, zip up mesh window for more headroom and visibility, and thick, cozy sherpa lined bedding so your pet can rest and relax. This backpack is firmly structured, providing ample room for your pet to move around. Equipped with a firmly reinforced structure to prevent itself from collapsing on your pet while traveling. Also comes with a safety strap and buckle to secure your pet and prevent escape.

LLOLLYMEOW. Eye- cataching Clear Window Design.  The completely transparent window provides wonderful view for pets. They may be a little bit afraid but more curious about the outside world. The transparent shell gives them a sense of safety and comfort. The little opening on one side is nice to reach in and pet her when she’s nervous. Built-In security leash makes sure the safety. Made with High-Quality Pet Safe Materials, Waterproof, Easy Clean and Lightweight. Plenty of ventilation holes and two side meshs allow the air to circulate. This backpack is 11.4″ L x 10.6″ W x 16.1″ H. 

PETRIP. Cat Backpack Fashionable Design. Space capsule design makes this chest bag cool and futuristic. Bubble window can provide security and ease anxiety for your lovely pets.  This backpack is 13.4″L x 12″W x 16.9″H, most airline approved under seat. Ventilated cat dog carrier backpack with 9 big air holes and mesh, pet will feel comfortable and breathable inside. A snap hook inside to keep your cute pet safe, no more worries about cat/dog jumping out and running away. This dog carrier is made from high quality, eco-friendly and durable materials–oxford fabric and PU leather. Clean it with a rag and a light wipe, so easy. Scratch-resistant and waterproof

BLITZWOLF. Innovation 3D diamond cut design makes the outer shell of this backpack look unique and attractive . This backpack has Large capacity+15 Air Vents+two sides with the breathable Mesh Cloth+a pocket (9” Length*7.4” Height)on the back of this pack. There is a small exit in the back of this backpack to keep pet in and out. When the weather is hot, open the exit to make the pet cool. It has also pocket on the outer side for human use.

CLOVERPET. Stylish and Functionality Pet carrier. Designed by American designers, fashionable outlook with innovative bubble window design. Pets can explore the outside world through semi-sphere window while stay in bag safely. It is mobile pet bed, in-cabin airplane carrier, and car seat all in one. The adjustable backpack straps and carrying handle make the carrier easy to attach to a seatbelt. Built-in security leash, mesh panels & ventilation holes, soft washable pad, top & side entries for maximum accessibility.

GIANTEX. Modern backpack great for keeping your furry friend with you on all your adventures. This fancy astronaut pet carrier can perfectly accommodate your adorable dog or cat and also provide your pet with good view when you shoulder it. Large space with big air holes and mesh is quite comfortable and breathable for your pet. With fixing buckle strap interior to prevent your pet running away. Made of high quality oxford cloth & food grade PC, our premium pet carrier is quite scratch-resistant and sturdy for long lasting use. 

Wraping up

Since we’ve have selected some of the best walking accessories for your cat currently on the market, we’d like to recommend that you take a look at the Fancy accessories page, where you’ll find the best recommendations to keep your buddy on the cutting-edge of fashion.