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Discover the best accesories to have a happy travel with your cat

Not long ago, taking our pet with us on vacation was practically impossible and we had to find him a daycare center or ask a family member or friend if we wanted to go on a trip ourselves. There were few people who thought of me accompanying them, knowing that everything would be complicated from getting the permits, to going through the journey, to arriving at the destination. There was no alternative but to take your pet in the car, there were no suitable accommodations, in case they let you take him, and of course no activities and establishments where you could be together.

Luckily today, and more and more, there are different means of transport and accommodations that admit dogs and cats, so you can accompany us to the end of the world if necessary. Therefore, we want to inform you about the possibilities and alternatives you have when travelling with your dog all over the world, as well as the necessary permits, depending on the destination. Of course, it has never been so easy before. We hope that these tips will be of great help and that you will enjoy your trip!

Furthermore, to prepare your buddy for the adventure, this article from the CNNtraveler might be interesting for you. 

Discover the best cat portable kennels for your car trips

The importance of choosing a good carrier to travel with our cats in the car in a safe and comfortable way is vital. Here we leave you with a selection of the best specialized car carriers we have been able to collect.

ONE FOR PETS. Cat Travel Carrier: Spacious interior space; Build-in straps allow safe connection to the seatbelt. Hammocks and Pads Sold Separately: A flat top to hold photos and show essentials; Easy to set up and fold flat.

PET LIMOUSINE. This double pet kennel combination builds into a spacious dog crate or two story cat house. This multi purpose animal accessory is car seat friendly with seat belt buckle straps to fasten, light to carry only 10 lbs total weight, enjoyable for any pet.

AMAZON BASICS. Soft-sided carrier crate for pets that collapses down easily for storage. Made with durable polyester and PVC material.Well-ventilated with multiple screened panels for your pet to look out of.

ONE FOR PETS. Built-in straps that allow safe connection to a seatbelt; Easy to set up and fold flat in seconds; Pad cover is removable and washable.

NECOICHI. Pop-open, fully collapsible, portable cat cage is convenient and comfortable for both you and your cat. It can be used as 1. Travelling. Happy cats make for happy travel! 2. Emergency, disaster escape 3. A private room for a cat(s) 4. An escape from the stresses of moving, having guests over, and cleaning.

SPORTPET. Creates a cozy Cove for right in the back seat of your car or truck. Durable Gate entry on each side plus mesh panel sides keep your pet in view. Includes an adjustable security leash for clipping to a harness.

Discover the best cat soft travel carriers

A cat carrier is a must if you plan to travel by car, train or plane with your pet. In fact, it is even essential for taking your pet to the vet safely and comfortably. Only with it we will have the certainty that it will not be able to escape in the airport or in the station and that it will not bother us when driving. Without a doubt, a container to have always at hand if we take the cat on vacation or we are going to change residence. We leave you a selection of the best soft carriers approved by the airlines to be able to travel in the cabin. 

PAWS & PALS. Use it as a cab or taxi to take your pet wherever you go – Great for vacation or bringing your pet to the office, park, and vet – Works better than portable crates, kennels, backpack, and sling – Ideal for dogs, cats, puppies, kittens, and other small-sized animals.

MR PEANUT’S. Airline capable carriers are designed for pets lying down, so your pet may not be able to stand. It is best to measure your pet while comfortably laying down, as that is the typical position during flight.

X-ZONE PET. Fits for under-seat dimensions of most airlines. Every airline has a specific set of rules and regulations, please contact with airline before flying with your pet.

JET SITTER. Dog Cat Carriers fit in cabin under seat on United Airlines, Southwest, JetBlue, American, Delta, Alaska, Frontier, Allegiant, Spirit with 360 degree panoramic windows for ultimate air circulation and visibility.

PETPEPPY. This masterfully crafted airline pet carrier tote is made from high quality safe, eco friendly and durable materials. The result, you can now easily travel with your furry little one with utmost peace of mind.

PETAMI. Well ventilated design for optimal airflow and checking on pet, soft cozy sherpa lining bedding so your pet can relax and rest, collapsible bowl to keep your pet hydrated during travel.

Discover the best cat travel crates 

These are the best crates you can find to relocate your pets. Remember that you can not feed your pets while traveling in a plane’s cargo hold but do not forget to install the corresponding drinker water at the door of the kennel. Anyway do not hesitate to contact the airline as each one has different policies. We hope that your pets have a good flight.

PETMATE. This is an anheavy duty portable dog kennel. We consider this crate the ideal for traveling in a plane’s cargo hold. It is very resistant and durable. Definitely our best bet.

SPORTPET DESIGNS. Heavy-duty kennel approved by the airlines. Durable and weather resistant materials. Perfect for travel.

AMAZON BASICS. Two-door, top-load model allows for easy loading of your cat or dog. Top door can open to the left or right for easy access and convenience.

Wraping up

Since we’ve have selected some of the best accessories for traveling with your cat, we’d like to recommend that you take a look at the Walking Accessories page, where you’ll find the best recommendations of collars, leashes, strollers and backpacks to enjoy a walk with your buddy.