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Discover the best high-tech gadgets for your cat

Nowadays who doesn’t have a pet at home, whether it’s a dog or a cat? In the times we live in with our work, we usually spend many hours outside the house, and our pets need to eat their daily rations of food.

This is when the automatic feeder plays a very important role, when we are not at home, our pets can eat at the time we schedule.

Each pet needs a personalized diet, if he is a puppy he will need to eat around 3 times a day and if he is an adult he can eat 2 times, the efficiency of the automatic feeder is immense, distributing the food that corresponds to him every certain hour of the day.

It also comes in handy when we plan to leave the house for several days, for example on a weekend, with an automatic feeder we forget about our pet’s food for those days we are going to be enjoying at the beach or in the mountains.

There are also dogs and cats that due to their age are quite obese and you have to ration their food with a small amount and dispense it to them 3 to 4 times a day. The automatic dog and cat feeders most of them are equipped with an easy to program programmer, which provides your pet with more than 20 different portions and 4 to 5 times a day.

Discover the best surveillance cameras to monitor your cat

Dog and cat cameras are used for live video transmission and help us keep an eye on our pets when no one is with them. Obviously, we can’t be with them all the time at home, so these cameras allow us to make our pets feel that they are not alone. They are also very useful for the diagnosis of some behavioral diseases such as separation anxiety or obsessive-compulsive behavior. Here is a selection of the best high-tech classic and interactive cameras to monitor our pets in real time.

FURBO DOG CAMERA. Unbeatable interactive camera capable of performing functions such as throwing prizes at your pet via the free Furbo iOS/Android app. Live stream video to monitor your pet with a 160° wide-angle, 4x day & night zoom. Definitely one of the best high-tech cameras currently available.

SKYMEE. 1080p Full HD Camera: With Full HD, 4x zoom and night vision, you will be able to see your dog clearly day and night. Petalk AI will notify you when your pet trick or treat by motion detection. Know what’s going on at home and keep your dog calm down. Toss your dog’s favorite treats(recommend size 0.6cm~1.1cm) and play with it, let your baby dog chase the treats to stay active and excited.

PETCHATZ.  An interactive experience with two-way video chats, treat dispense, calming aromatherapy, brain (treat) games, pet to parent messaging (PawCall) and entertainment with DOGTV (DOGTV subscription required). 

WOPET. TOSS a treat to your dogs via the free WOPET/Android app. Fill it with your dogs’ favorite treats & play a game of catch.livestream video to monitor your pet with a wide-angle view,that functions even in pitch black, without disturbing those being monitored.

TOOGE. Great Day/Night Vision & Clear Two Way Talking — Intelligent IR-Cut switch ensures high quality images both day and night. Fast WiFi setup via mobile App on iPhone/Android smartphone/tablets(it can’t support MAC).

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ARLO PRO 2. Works with Alexa for voice control (Alexa device sold separately). 1080p HD : High quality video with sharper and brighter details.
Highlight areas in your camera’s view where you want to receive motion alerts.

WYZE CAM PAN. Pan, tilt, and zoom (PTZ) lets you control Wyze Cam Pan remotely using the Wyze app so you can see every angle of your room while you’re away, on demand. Or, have Wyze Cam Pan monitor your room automatically with the Pan Scan feature by setting 4 predefined waypoints. Panning has a 360° left/right rotation range and tilting has a 93° vertical up/down range.

SKYMEE. Remote control Owl Robot via app to cruise at home and track pets for a fun hide and seek game. Full HD Camera & Night Vision: 1080p Full HD Pet Camera with 4x zoom and night vision, you will be able to see your pet clearly day and night. Treat Tossing & 2-way Audio:

Discover the best automatic feeders for your cat

Many times the rush, the unexpected situations or the simple day-to-day prevents us from performing the basic tasks to take good care of our pets. Food is the fundamental pillar for maintaining good health. In this way, automatic feeders help us to schedule the time and the necessary amount of food our pets need to receive each day. If you would like to learn more about the advantges of the automatic feeder check out this post form PetPac.

This is our selection of the best high-tech automatic feeders on the market.


PETSAFE. Customize your pet’s meals by scheduling the feeder to dispense 1/8 cup to 4 cups up to 12 times a day. The hopper holds up to 24 cups of dry or semi-moist food. Use the built-in clock and LCD screen to quickly set up your pet’s feeding schedule.

ARF PETS. Dispense from 1-10 Portions Per Meal, Each Portion is 24ml, Set Up to 4 Daily Distribution Alarms; Simply Pick Your Portion Size & Unit Dispenses Dry Meals.Record Personal Meal Call Up to 10 Seconds; Runs on 3 D Batteries or DC Power Cable to Outlet.

PETSAFE. The feeder automatically notifies you when food levels are low; you’ll also receive an alert if the hopper becomes empty. Automatically reorder your pet’s favorite food with Amazon Dash Replenishment. Alexa enabled. 

PETKIT. Up to 10 scheduled feedings. Meals can be dispensed from 1/20 cup to 1/2 cups( 5g-100g) to fit your pet’s unique feeding needs. the Feed Now option allows you to feed your cat or dog outside of normal feeding times. Once you input your meal settings, the automatic food dispenser will work for every day/weekly. EVEN IF your Wi-Fi connection is lost or the feeder is offline.

SUREFEED. The surefeed microchip pet feeder connect lets you keep track of your pet’s feeding habits and enables you to serve accurate portions every time you fill their bowl. The feeder connects to the Sure Petcare app via the hub (sold separately). you set the portion size within the app and then when you fill your pet’s bowl, LEDs guide you to the correct portion weight within 1 g of accuracy.

PETSAFE. Set feeding times in 1-hour increments automatically serving upto 5 meals a day. The Feeder connects to the Sure Petcare app via the hub (sold separately). you set the portion size within the app and then when you fill your pet’s bowl, LEDs guide you to the correct portion weight within 1 g of accuracy.

Discover the best water fountains to keep your buddy hydrated

Automatic drinkers are the best way to get our cats to drink more water as tap water is naturally much more attractive to them than standing water. Good hydration will automatically reflect on good health. Also, an automatic drinker is much more comfortable since we don’t have to worry so much and we can pay less attention to how much water is left in the drinker. Here are the best automatic drinkers on the market.

It is very possible that your dog or cat enjoys drinking from the bathtub, the toilet, any open faucet… You wonder why? It’s quite simple, they are attracted to the movement of water. Dogs and cats are very attracted to drinking tap water. And just like us, if they stay well hydrated their health will appreciate it. The kidneys will be able to eliminate toxins much better, reducing the chances of dehydration and overall, the body will function more efficiently. 

There are automatic pet waterers that incorporate carbon filters and foam to purify the water. This improves the taste and keeps the water clean longer.

One of the advantages of water fountains is that they make the water taste fresher due to the flow of water. When water is stagnant or not moving, bacteria and viruses can be created that are responsible for the spread of diseases such as canine gastroenteritis. To prevent the spread of this type of disease, I can’t think of a better option than having automatic waterers in the house.

PIONEER. Circulating drinking water is naturally appealing to your pet. Replaceable raindrop charcoal filter (#3002) for clean and pure, healthy water. Dishwasher safe, stainless steel construction allows for easy cleaning. Modern rain drop shape compliments décor of any room. For optimal performance we recommend that you clean the fountain once a week and disassemble/clean the pump once a month.

CATIT. Cat fountain features 3 different water flow settings for picky drinkers and offers maximum oxygenation for fresher, better tasting cat water; the unique design filters water so that it always stays fresh. Can hold up to 3L in the cat water bowl and takes up little floor space; dimensions are 9.0 x 8.3 x 7.7 inches. Includes triple action softening cat water filter and small energy-efficient pump; made of BPA-free materials.

PETSAFE. The versatility of this fountain allows you to choose from 1 to 5 free-falling streams, and you can also twist the top to adjust stream flow. NO THIRSTY PETS: This fountain incorporates an open bowl design so if your home loses power, your cat or dog will still have access to water.

ISYOUNG. Fresh Water – isYoung cat fountain is a creative pet fountain with fresh filter water. Free-falling Streams – Free-falling stream entices pets to drink more water. Water Capacity – 51 oz. water capacity is great for cats and small dogs. Pet fountain is BPA-free and top-shelf dishwasher.

PETKIT. Intelligent pet fountain for cats and small dogs is made with high quality material. Designed with 304 stainless steel water bowl and filter tray which provides long-lasting strength. The circulation system helps provide maximum oxygenation for fresher, better tasting water.

PETKIT. PETKIT pet fountains provide cleaner fresher water for your pet and prevent your pet from urinary and kidney diseases. The system includes a fur-proof mesh screen, activated carbon filter and ion exchange resin to purify the water, remove hair, dirt and food particles, meanwhile the top grid tray filters pet hairs firstly.

Discover the best high-tech toys for your cat

In this section we present a selection of the best interactive toys for cats that will help you entertain and work the mind of your best friend. Just like for us, it is very important to stimulate their senses, and with this we can prevent many behavioural diseases. Keep your pet’s mind active and healthy!

Cats are very playful and it is necessary to stimulate their innate predatory instinct. That’s why intelligent and interactive toys are a good option to entertain them. Find here all the cat toys that test their skills.

RALTHY. Ralthy interactive robotic cat toys is a 360 Degree self-rotating moving ball, which is bulit in double motor drive. Automatic interactive cat toys works as feather wand to play with your indoor cat when you are out, with powerful 2 motors and large tires,’Tireg’ could almost run on all floors,carpet is also available.

ELEBOOT. Upgraded version 360 Degree Self Rotating Ball with USB charging, charge 2 hours, enjoy 4 hours of fu.  Smart Interactive Cat Toys Ball,High quality, non-toxic ABS plastic, won’t break even hit the wall for hundreds of times.

PETFUSION. Unique stimulating cat or kitten toy that simulates prey popping out from 6 entries with a randomized and fast paced feel. (ii) LED lighting great for daytime or nighttime!

POPETPOP. High quality kitten toys which made from environmentally-friendly plastic. Rounded edges design for safety. This cat toy plays hidden and automatic that captivate your cat’s attention. A truly unique interactive cat toy is the best Halloween and Christmas gift for you cat.

YOFUN. The primary purpose of the self rotating ball is to have your pet chase the ball around and have fun. With just a single press of a button, the ball will start to do a 360 degrees self rotation and attract your pet’s attention. The ball will continuously move around your house while producing a red light simultaneously.

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Discover the best cat containment systems

Impulses with milliamps simply surprise without trauma, their purpose must always be educational… Invisible fences and enclosures allow you to delimit the territory of the dog or cat, you can also create passage zones that do not emit frequency so that your pet can circulate freely on the wire.

Invisible fences and enclosures are perfect for getting in or out with your car on the property without your furry friend escaping. This system allows you to protect garden beds as well as swimming pools or prohibit your pet’s access in risk areas.

PETSAFE. Keep your pets off the furniture, out of the trash and block them from other “off limits” areas of your home. SAFELY CORRECTS PETS: When your pet enters the pet-free zone, the small transmitter sends a correction signal to your pet’s receiver collar and they feel a safe static correction. EFFECTIVE TRAINING TOOL: Your pet will quickly associate the safe correction with the area you’ve established as off limits.

PETSAFE. DESIGNED SPECIFICALLY FOR CATS: collar includes stretch section for cat’s safety; avoid leaving the receiver collar on your cat for more than 12 hours per day. ADJUSTABLE, WATERPROOF RECEIVER COLLAR: Fits cats 6 lb and up with neck sizes from 6 to 11 1/2 inches. EXPANDABLE SYSTEM: kit includes wire for up to 1/3 acre but may be expanded up to 25 acres with additional wire and flags. 4 LEVELS OF CORRECTION: receiver collar correction can be adjusted to cat’s temperament ( 4 levels plus tone only for training)

PETSAFE. No Wire to Bury: A wireless boundary allows you to create a secure barrier around your yard to protect your pets without the time or hassle of burying wires. Static-Free Reentry: Unlike traditional in-ground fences, this wireless fence allows your pet to return home without being corrected if your pet passes the boundary. Simple Set-up: Sets up in just a few hours; this Portable system is terrific for camping and vacation homes.

Wraping up

Since we’ve have selected some of the best high-tech gadgets for cats currently on the market, we’d like to recommend that you take a look at the Sweet Dreams page, where you’ll find the best recommendations of sleeping accessories for your dog.