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Discover the best fancy accessories for your dog

The world of accessories knows no limits. Make your dog look beautiful and always trendy with all the collars, home accessories, leashes, glasses and other items you’ll find below.

Discover the best fancy bowls for your dog

Let yourself go with our selection of the best fashion bowls we have been able to collect. Discover our top collection of the most fashionable bowls you can imagine. Your pet deserves to eat like a king!  

PETROOM. Amazing bowl of golden finish. Platinum Pets stainless steel spill-proof dog bowl. We love its design and high quality. Super recommended.

SILD. These are the most beautiful dog feeding bowls available on the market according to our designer. They will transform your pet’s eating area into something you’re proud to show off. Two gorgeous rose-gold coloured stainless steel pet bowls are included. A food bowl and a water bowl.

KINGMAS. Gorgeous Stainless steel bowl. You can find it in different sizes. What characterizes it is its height to the ground. We love its style!

Discover the best fancy collars for your dog

Among our selection of the best accessories for your dog we can not miss the most fashionable collars! 

KONESEVE. Necklace made of stainless steel, with a gold finish. It stands out because of its high quality and its breaking style. 

SMALLLEE_LUCKY_STORE. High quality necklace, made of cotton. It is characterized by its classic style due to its incorporated bow tie. We are sure that your pet will wear it on special occasions. 

SCHEPPEND. Adjustable collar of the highest quality. Its contemporary design never goes out of style. Let your dog be the center of attention and its diamonds shine as they deserve. 

Discover the best fancy leashes for your dog

These are the most fashion leashes we can find today. An essential accessory in the day to day. An ideal gift for your pet’s birthday.

KONESEVE. Product made of stainless steel. Soft edges that will avoid scratching the skin. Definitely the perfect complement to our gold necklace. 

SMALLLEE_LUCKY_STORE. High quality leather leash. Very soft to the touch and very easy to use. We emphasize its classic and elegant design.  

SCHEPPEND. Synthetic skin leash. Attractive design as well as eye-catching. Your dog will definitely be the center of attention. 

Discover the best sunglasses for your dog

Just as we protect our eyes from external factors, it is our responsibility to protect our pets eyes from ultraviolet rays, wind and small airborne particles. Here is a selection of the best sunglasses we have on the market today.

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KONESEVE. Perfect sunglasses for our car or motorcycle rides. 100% UV protection guaranteed. And last but not least, an unbeatable style. 

SMALLLEE_LUCKY_STORE. Great chin straps . Adjustable to different sizes. Excellent protection from wind, rain and UV light. Perfect for our Large breeds. 

SCHEPPEND. Snow stile. Designed specifically for large breeds. Wind resistant. Adjustable elastic straps. Perfect for winter. 

Wraping up

Since we’ve have selected some of the best fancy accessories for your dog currently on the market, we’d like to recommend that you take a look at the Luxury accessories page, where you’ll find the best high-end products for your buddy.