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Discover the best grooming products for your dog

The dermatological problems of our life companions, the animals, are one of the main causes of assistance to the veterinary clinic, and many times we obviate the importance of paying special attention to the care of the skin of our animals.

The skin is the largest organ of the body and can represent between 12 and 24% of the animal’s weight. Its functions include acting as an enveloping barrier and protecting against environmental aggressions, regulating temperature, producing pigments and vitamin D, providing sensory perception, and many other essential aspects.

Although there are many dermatological conditions that can affect our animals, they can be framed within these types: allergic, infectious, parasitic, seborrhea, alopecia and neoplasia.


Discover the best shampoos for your dog

The skin is the largest organ in the body, and skin cells change and replenish themselves quickly. In most dogs, almost all of the skin is covered with hair, which, regardless of coat type or breed, is constantly growing and moulting seasonally.

The general condition of our dog’s skin and coat are good indicators of its health. A healthy coat should be shiny and strong, not fragile, dull or brittle, and a healthy skin should be flexible and clean, not greasy, scaly or with lesions. Nutrition has a direct influence on the condition of the skin and coat.

A dog shampoo should be adapted to each type of hair of your dog. Dogs, just like people, also have different needs when it comes to coat care. We leave you with a selection of the best shampoos you can find on the market.

Regular shampoos

What to look for when choosing a dog shampoo? If you are looking for the best shampoo for your pet, you have come to the right place. Did you know that dogs have a different skin pH than humans? They need specific products, we cannot use a conventional shampoo. We find a wide variety of shampoos for the hair hygiene of the dog, for sensitive skin, antiparasitic or for greasy hair.

Four In One. This lavender scented pet shampoo is great for cleaning dirty coats, coat conditioning & detangling, & skin moisturizing short to long coats. The thick lather rinses off clean & keeps your pet looking and smelling clean.

PET HEAD. Deodorizing shampoo – great for dogs that love rolling in the smelly stuff! This powerful yet gentle formula actually neutralizes odors – doesn’t just cover them up!

PET PLEASANT.  Designed to be hypoallergenic & extremely soothing for your dog’s flaky dry skin using natural ingredients such as jojoba. Our clinical strength shampoo protects & combats skin irritation on your dog’s fur.

Medicated shampoos

It is very common to find dogs with skin problems, from dandruff to dermatitis or simply reactive skin that often becomes irritated or itchy after bathing. In these cases the vet will recommend a medicated shampoo or a mild one that protects the skin. Although cosmetic brands do not usually have medicated shampoos, most of them have shampoos for sensitive skin that help prevent dryness and itching.

If our dog has skin problems, the first thing we should look for in the shampoo is to be gentle on the skin and leave the aesthetics of the hair aside. Fortunately there are brands that combine skin care with beauty and hair maintenance. In these cases the use of masks or conditioners should be mandatory, as the skin will benefit from the extra ingredients that help stabilize and protect it.

VIRBAC EPI-SHOTHE. Epi-Soothe is a natural oat-grain derivative, soap-free shampoo designed for helping control itch.
Epi-Soothe, using spherulites and chitosanide, represent a breakthrough in skin care technology.
May be used as often as directed by your vet.

VIRBAC KERATOLUX. Unique, patented encapsulating spherulites provide longer lasting relief with slow release technology
Leaves a light protective film on the skin for further protection

BEXLEY LAB. ELIMINATES YEAST, BACTERIA, FUNGUS, PYODERMA AND RINGWORM: Chlorhexidine and Ketoconazole Combine to Create a Super Effective Antifungal & Antibacterial Shampoo that Treats a Broad Spectrum of Skin Related Problems In Both Dogs & Cats.

Discover the best conditioners for your dog

The use of a conditioner is especially useful and necessary in dogs that have long hair. With day-to-day activity it tends to become tangled and damaged. The most suitable dog conditioner for your pet will be the one that best suits the characteristics of his coat and skin. That’s why you should consider your dog’s breed and coat before buying.

ISLE OF DOGS. This mild and gentle conditioner will help create a soft and silky feel to your dog’s coat. It can be used on any breed or coat type & features oatmeal and jojoba to help soothe dry skin.

WARREN LONDON. Premium non-oily leave-in conditioner that hydrates, conditions, de-matts, and moisturizes. It will leave your pup’s skin and coat feeling silky smooth without feeling greasy.

JOHN PAUL. Botanical sensitive skin formulation soothes, conditions, and moisturizes dry fur and skin between shampoos.Contains thirteen conditioning agents including: aloe, chamomile, and panthenol to smooth and revitalize your pet’s fur.

Discover the best shower accessories for your dog

Bathing our pet can become our worst nightmare. That is why it is very important to get them used to it since they are puppies and to turn situations that can be traumatic into positive stimuli. With the following accessories we can turn the weekly bath into one of the best moments of the week.

AQUAPAW.  Aquapaw Pet Bathing Tool – a new pet grooming accessory designed to keep you and your dog happy during bathtime!

WATERPICK. The Waterpik Pet Wand Pro professional grade dog shower unique wand shape provides full coverage to wash dogs of all sizes and types, plus convenient one-handed operation make bath time faster and easier for you and your dog

AQUAPAW. Ergonomic one-size-fits-all design straps securely to either hand. Slim and flexible sprayer in Palm allows you to control your dog with both hands while soaking the densest of fur.

Discover the best bathtubs for your dog

The time has come, let’s see how to bath a dog at home. To begin with, use warm water, between 38 and 39 degrees, when all the hair is completely wet, apply the shampoo and spread it over your dog’s coat. Pay particular attention to your dog’s ears, you should avoid getting too much water in them. The eyes are also a sensitive area. After soaping your dog, rinse him thoroughly with water. When drying your dog, use a towel first. Finally, use a warm air dryer.

As you’ve seen, bathing your dog at home can be a rewarding option for both of you.

FLYING PIG GROMING . Made of rust resistant 16 gauge 304 type Stainless steel which provides great sealing, solid durability, and easy maintenance. Stainless steel removable overhead arm with loops that can be adjust to accommodate many configurations.

FLYING PIG PET. Flying Pig Grooming perfect sized tub for medium to small size pets.Whole unit size: 37.5″L x 19.5″W x 35.5″H. Maximum weight: 150 pounds. Basin is made of heavy duty plastic material. Stand(legs) is made of stainless steel.

FURESH. Bathe your cat or dog indoors or outdoors without the backache – or the mess – with 360-degree access to your pet. Portable bathing and grooming tub fits inside your bathtub or shower and helps you keep your pet clean while conserving water.

Discover the best towels for your dog

First, and after making the last rinse with water, the first approach to drying should be with a towel. The towel helps to remove most of the water. There is no need to be in a hurry. Run it over all parts of the dog’s body with it. Use a towel that is not too rough and covers most of the body, so that it is easier to do this first part. Be careful with long haired dogs to avoid using the towel by circling it over the dog. The reason is mainly to avoid the swirls.

SUNLAND. Pet drying towel measures 30inch x 50inch, suitable for dogs and cats in different breeds and sizes. Made of high qulity microfiber material, super soft and ultra absorbent, machine washable, drying your pet easily and quickly, save your drying time.

DOGGY PLACE. 45″ x 28″ is oversized and larger than competitors. Soaks up Water & Dirt like Magic. Soak up to 10x its weight and absorbs 5x more than ordinary drying towels.

BONE DRY. Pet Towel Measures 44×27.5″, suitable for cats and dogs in different breeds and sizes. Towel is made of ultra-sft microfiber, machine washable, super absorbent and thirty, making drying your pet easy.

Discover the best grooming products for your dog

Once the hair is not dripping and is only wet, it is time to use the hair dryer. As you may have noticed, dogs are not very happy with this device. Firstly because of the noise and secondly because of the air temperature. The most important thing is to get used to it little by little and that there is a correct relationship between the two.

When using the dryer, try not to get it too close to the dog’s body. This is because having a higher body temperature, they notice it much more. On the other hand, the ideal technique to follow with the dryer is the following: we must not aim directly at the body without more. We must turn our wrists with the dryer from the inside out.

BARKBATH. Specially designed nozzles get beneath the Fur and down to the skin—the true source of stink—to allow water and no-rinse shampoo to wash The skin clean, while a soft suction pulls dirt and water away into a separate dirty water tank.

IPETTIE. Drying while Grooming: Our pet grooming dryer can be used to dry your furry pet after its shower, or a quick dry after a rainy walk. During the drying, you can also brush the coats of your furry babies, more convenient and time saving.

PETRIP. Pet Grooming Dryer removes extra fur of pet, matted hair, and tangles from your pet’s coat while drying at the same time. Great for long hair pet’s hair, Not only can it effectively solve the problem of hair dryness, but also keep your baby skin healthy.

HERTZKO. Hertzko’s Slicker Brush gently removes Loose Hair, and eliminates Tangles, Knots, Dander and trapped Dirt. WORKS GREAT ON DOGS AND CATS WITH ALL SIZES AND HAIR TYPES!

PET NEAT. A durable shedding tool! This dog and cat comb is MADE TO LAST through long years of effortless pet grooming! With the 100mm STAINLESS STEEL BLADE protected by a cover for your safety and the blade longevity and the STURDY, EASY-GRIP HANDLE, it promise top precision. It is a long-lasting deshedding tool, a MUST-HAVE pet hair remover!

PAT YOUR PET. Get rid of all that nasty mats, tangles and knots. Get healthy, shiny and well-groomed hair of your furry friend! You’ll get 2-in-1 grooming tool – Dual-sided comb has 9 teeth side for tough mats and tangles and 17 teeth side for thinning and de-shedding.

Discover the best nail clippers and grinders for your dog

A dog’s nails should be trimmed for health and physical well-being. Nails should be kept short and need to be checked at least once a week. In dogs, long nails tend to break causing internal injuries and infections. For this type of procedure, a special nail clipper is indispensable, according to the size of the nails. Ideally, only the tip of the nail should be cut. If bleeding occurs, it is recommended that an anti-coagulant powder be used on the affected area to stop the bleeding. 

If this is the first time you are going to give your dog a manicure we would like to recommend you to read the following article from Washintong State University, where you can find the best tips and recommendations to trim your dog’s nails.


CASFUY. This dog nail grinder uses an advanced Diamond Bit Grinder to deliver the safest, most comfortable pet claw grinding. Recommended by veterinarians and pet grooming professionals, painlessly and precisely trim your pet’s nails anywhere.

WAHL. Deal for trimming, shaping, smoothing and grinding nails on all large and small pets. Professional power with variable speed up to 13,000 RPM for effortless nail grinding. Completely maintenance free, quiet and lightweight for easier grooming.

BOSHEL. The Boshel pet nail clipper is an ergonomically designed Powerful and easy-to-use pet grooming tool, the nail trimmer is recommended by animal trainers, veterinarians, professional pet groomers and thousands of satisfied customers as the best pet nail clippers on amazon to use for medium and large dogs and cats.

Wraping up

Since we’ve have selected some of the best shampoo and conditioners for dogs currently on the market, we’d like to recommend that you take a look at the Healthy gums page, where you’ll find the best recommendations for maintaining and improving your dog’s oral health.