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Discover the best accesories to have a happy travel with your dog

Not long ago, taking our pet with us on vacation was practically impossible and we had to find him a daycare center or ask a family member or friend if we wanted to go on a trip ourselves. There was no alternative but to take your pet in the car, there were no suitable accommodations, in case they let you take him, and of course no activities and establishments where you could be together.

Luckily today, and more and more, there are different means of transport and accommodations that admit dogs and cats, so you can accompany us to the end of the world if necessary. Therefore, we want to inform you about the possibilities and alternatives you have when travelling with your dog all over the world, as well as the necessary permits, depending on the destination. Of course, it has never been so easy before. We hope that these tips will be of great help and that you will enjoy your trip!

Furthermore, to prepare your buddy for the adventure, this article from the CNNtraveler might be interesting for you.


Discover the best gear for car trips with your dog

We live in a globalized world in which we are constantly traveling. Our most common modes of transport are cars, trains and planes. In this section we present you the essential accessories to be able to travel with our pets in the safest way. 

Car seat belt

These are the universal car belts to be able to enjoy our holidays with the best company ever.

VASTAR. Keep your pet safely restrained and secure in vehicle while driving, and allows your dog to sit, stand or lie down comfortably in a car without distracting the driver. 

KURGO. Adjustable and comfortable everyday harness: great everything harness for everyday use! Product is crash tested, includes NO-PULL D ring for effectively training dog not to pull by spinning dog around.

IOKHEIRA.  Designed with two different types of safety buckles on one end. One is hook latch, which can attach to the child safety seat and the car trunk. The other one is seatbelt buckle, which is the same as a typical human seat buckle, can stick directly into the seatbelt slot. It is universal for all cars.

Dog booster seat

Dog booster seat keeps your pet safe while traveling with the car. It gives your pooch a safe place to ride during car trips. It is definitely much safer than leaving your dog unattended as the are secured with a seat belt.

PET GEAR. Sturdy foam with soft microsuede cover and removable plush pillow; machine washable. Tether can be attached to pets harness to keep them comfortable and secure; accomodates up to two small pets.

K&H PET PRODUCTS. Booster pet car seat elevates pet for better view, while the firm foam bolster around the edge keeps them in a safe and controlled spot during the ride.

PETSAFE. Safe travel, strong and sturdy, comfortable ride and easy to clear. Removable cover is washable.

Dog seat cover

In this category you can find the best dog seat covers, with heavy-duty materials and components. Waterproof, easy to install and easy to clean.

4KNINES. Rated “BEST OF THE BEST” car seat covers for pets by Best Reviews as an Amazon Editorial Recommendation

RABBITGOO. This large vehicle dog barrier safely keeps your dog from jumping into the front seat, allow the driver to drive without distractions.

KURGO. Bridge the Gap Between Car Seats – Backseat Bridge prevents dogs from falling in the car footwell. This bridge holds up to 100 pounds & connects between front & rear car seats to extend the back seat space for your dog and ensure he has a good ride.

Discover the best dog travel crates 

These are the best crates you can find to relocate your pets. Remember that you can not feed your pets while traveling in a plane’s cargo hold but do not forget to install the corresponding drinker water at the door of the kennel. Anyway do not hesitate to contact the airline as each one has different policies. We hope that your pets have a good flight.

PETMATE. This is an anheavy duty portable dog kennel. We consider this crate the ideal for traveling in a plane’s cargo hold. It is very resistant and durable. Definitely our best bet.

SPORTPET DESIGNS. Heavy-duty kennel approved by the airlines. Durable and weather resistant materials. Perfect for travel.

AMAZON BASICS. Two-door, top-load model allows for easy loading of your cat or dog. Top door can open to the left or right for easy access and convenience.

Wraping up

Since we’ve have selected some of the best accessories for traveling with your dog, we’d like to recommend that you take a look at the Walking accessories page, where you’ll find the best recommendations of collars, leashes, strollers and backpacks to enjoy a walk with your buddy.